October Musings

October Musing | Salt and Honey

Happy Halloween, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am STOKED for tonight’s festivities.  My new apartment is in a fantastic trick-or-treating neighborhood, so for possible the first time in my adult life, I will be handing out candy to costumed kids.  My neighbors told me they all typically sit in their front yards with friends who come by to join in the Halloween fun, sip wine, and pass out candy to the mob of kids that come through our street.  When I heard this, I instantly decided to throw a party.  Because why not?

October Musing | Salt and Honey

A couple of bedecked friends will be dropping by for a Mexican-themed potluck.  I made the carnitas last night, giving the meat a full day to thoroughly absorb the flavors.  My Carmen Sandiego costume is laid out; hopefully I won’t spend the entire night explaining to lil kids who Carmen Sandiego is, although I did look up the song on YouTube and am fully prepared to “sing” it.  I’ll be posting pictures throughout the evening on my Instagram site, so check it out if you want to see what Halloween in DC is like.

October Musing | Salt and HoneyOctober Musing | Salt and HoneyOctober Musing | Salt and Honey

I’ve enjoyed walking around the city the past few weeks as the local yards have turned into haunted graveyards and spider-infested forests.  In the spirit of the holiday, I’ve included photos from around Capitol Hill.  Happy Haunting!

October Musing | Salt and Honey

October Musings

It may be a lil too late to share this article, but if you could put these zombie fingers on your Pinterest board for next Halloween.

Peaches can be found in most ancient cultures.  Do you know where scientists thinks the domestic peach originated?

I don’t follow many popular chefs.  That being said, I have a major food-crush on Thomas Keller.  Some of the chefs that have worked with him at his Napa restaurant recently gave the top tips they learned while under his tutelage.

With elections approaching, the food industry, from farmers to producers to consumers, is keeping an eye on how the politicians view food topics.  See how your elected officials voted on various food issues.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where your food was too pretty to eat?  Would you consider the modern culinary culture high art?

As an avid runner, I rely heavily on my gu’s, gummies, and a variety of other sports enhancing food.  Imagine how fascinated I was when I found out ancient cultures did similar things to supplement their active-lifestyle diets.

As the vast majority of the country heads into cooler weather, kitchens everywhere will be filled with the scents of stews and roasts.  Many of these recipes will include alcohol of some sort.  There is a scientific reason behind why the booze makes these dishes better.

While I might have possible gotten on my soapbox recently about how awesome pumpkins are, I will allow room for debate that the apple may be the best fall food.  (Link includes a recipe for Hot Apple Pastry, which I have not yet tested…maybe soon, though!)

As entertaining season approaches, it’s always nice to have a guide to help us determine the proper amount of food for your number of guests, among other tips.

Ever since my sisters took me on a 30-mile bike ride/wine tasting tour for my thirtieth birthday, I have become obsessed with bike-based tastings, like this new one in Denver.

October Musing | Salt and Honey

October Musing | Salt and Honey

October Musing | Salt and HoneyOctober Musing | Salt and Honey




One thought on “October Musings

  1. Looks like a fab column, Amy! I will enjoy luxuriating over it tonight. Go, Carmen!

    I made some banana ghosts and Clementine ‘pumpkins’ for the office staff this morning, to enjoy the holiday in a more healthy way….;)

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